21-Day Intensive Breakthrough Program
with Paul Boynton

Start exactly where you are today.

Reclaim the life you were meant to live.

Do you want to create more in your life ...

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And you watch others bringing their dreams into reality with such apparent ease – but despite your best efforts, the results you long for in crucial areas of your life often seem elusive?

Did you know? You are as deserving as any other human to use step-by-step processes that are proven to move you forward in the directions of your dreams?

You can practice a set of new beliefs, feelings, and actions that will establish your momentum and help you accomplish things that seemed impossible before.

You're not alone!

Paul S. Boynton has tested and proven that it’s possible to change your life – because he teaches the exact processes that he used to change his own life!

He has discovered the most common reasons that people stay hidden, stymied, and embarrassed that they can’t seem to create all of the compelling, beautiful things that they long for.

If you procrastinate or struggle with perfectionism and anxiety that hold you back … there’s nothing wrong with you!

Have you ever wished …

that you could find a proven program and guided community to support your growth, healing, and creative development?

You just did!

Watch this video in which Paul Boynton describes this special program – and invites you to join us.

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Reclaim the life you were always meant to live

21 days to turn the corner and change your results … for good!

This 21-Day Begin With Yes Breakthrough Program is designed to hold your hand through getting clear on where you are right now and then walk you through the step-by-step process of:

  • Identify what you desire to change and create in your life.
  • Understand the patterns and blocks that have held you back in crucial areas before.
  • Develop a plan of action that includes micro-steps and choices that turns something hard or impossible into reality.
  • Take action immediately. We know that with the support and guidance of this program and our community, you will get results quickly. 

Won't it feel amazing to know that you're on track and moving toward the things you've always dreamed of in your life?

What's Included in the Begin With Yes 21-Day Breakthrough Program?

Introductory offer – $770.98 value for as little as 147!

On-Demand Course - $149 Value

When you enroll, you get full, lifetime access to Paul Boynton's full video course with worksheets, simple assignments, and more!

Live Coaching + Q&A with Paul

This program includes four live group sessions with Paul Boynton via Zoom. Join from anywhere in the world to get your questions answered, enjoy light coaching with Paul, and connect with your fellow members. REPLAYS INCLUDED. $600 value if you scheduled four private sessions with Paul!

Begin with Yes Workbook

Order this workbook on Amazon for $11.99 – or get it included in this amazing program and enjoy the personal experience of walking through it with the author.

Full Action Planner PDF

Available on Amazon for $9.99, you get this dynamic tool included with your membership in the 21-Day Breakthrough Progam!

private community

Connect with each other and Paul Boynton in a pop-up private Facebook group dedicated to participants in this first-ever Begin with Yes intensive!

Heal + Create Benefits

During this program, we will give you information about how you can enjoy membership in the Heal + Create Community. This includes monthly mind-body-spirit workshop sessions, a library of articles, on-demand video courses, and more!


Due to unforseen circumstances, this program has been suspended.

Please stay tuned for updates and announcements.


  • Live sessions with Paul
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Video Replays
  • Full On-Demand Course
  • Heal + Create Benefits

Won't it feel amazing to know that you're involved in a group that's dedicated to help you finally make your dreams come true?


Your enrollment includes

  • Lifetime access to the new Begin with Yes 21-Day Video Course
  • 4 live group sessions with Paul Boynton
  • A private pop-up Facebook group only for members of this program
  • Full PDF downloads of the Begin with Yes Workbook and the Begin with Yes Action Planner
  • Plus … other benefits!

You’ll immediately receive a payment confirmation and an email with instructions. You’ll be invited to join the BWY 21-Day Intensive Program private popup Facebook group so that you can start interacting with Paul and other members immediately. 

You’ll receive emailed instructions on how to access the video course and your Zoom links for the live sessions ahead of the official start date on Saturday, April 8th. 

You can participate as much, or as little, as feels comfortable to you. Members are welcome to leave their cameras off during workshops. So, you can remain relatively anonymous and still join in from the comfort of your own home.

Each live session will be recorded and all active members get access to the video replays for up to 12 months. 

We welcome our friends from all time zones and regions of the world and will seek to offer ways for you to connect as often as possible!

Almost any smartphone, PC, or tablet will work. The membership workshops and online sessions are delivered via Zoom. Video replays will be provided via our membership portal and can be viewed on any computer or mobile device.

All workshops will be recorded and made available for streaming within 48 hours. You will have access to the recordings for up to 12 months after the program concludes.

We understand that, in some rare cases, program participants may have been confused about the details or terms of the program, or subsequently realize that they won’t be able to commit to participating in the program based on conflicts with scheduling, or other sudden unexpected life events.

However, we also have the experience of many years of teaching various types of students and we know that it is quite common to enter into deeply transformative work, and then want to quit when the work begins to actually start changing your life. This is so common because most people tend to go into resistance when faced with letting go of their old fear patterns and moving into something new.

We believe that each person’s investment in the program reflects their level of commitment. For that reason, we ask that program participants only request refunds if the request is made from a place of true necessity or emergency. 

Please use the Contact form on this page and send us any questions you have! We will respond ASAP.

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Meet Your Guide

PAUL S. BOYNTON is the author of several books, including Amazon bestsellers “Begin with Yes” and “Be Amazing.” His “Begin with Yes” Facebook page include well over two million friends from around the world, and the community continues to evolve and grow as the engagement deepens. A true believer in the power of hope and optimism, a personal and business coach and popular keynote speaker, Paul is also President and CEO of The Moore Center, an organization serving people with intellectual disabilities. His writing has frequently been featured in the Huffington Post, the NH Business Review and The Good Men’s Project. Paul has degrees in both social work and counseling.

He lives with his partner, and their dog, Toby, in New Hampshire, and spends much of his free time visiting his three adult children and their families.

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