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Heal + Create Writer’s Group

Are you called to write but …

Have an inner calling to write but often find yourself stuck, ashamed of your lack of progress – and confused by why all of those other people seem to write and share themselves with the world – but it remains so difficult for you?

You’re not alone!

The leaders of this community, Jacob Nordby and Lauren Sapala have worked with thousands of writers. They have discovered the most common reasons that writers stay hidden, stymied, and embarrassed that they can’t seem to create all of the wise, beautiful things that exist in them.

If you procrastinate or find yourself with chronic writer’s blockthere’s nothing wrong with you!

Hint: there are probably old traumatic experiences embedded in your nervous system that need gentleness and research-based practices to heal so that you can create more effortlessly.

Have you ever wished …

that you could find a guided writing community to support your growth, healing, and creative development?

You just did!

Watch this video in which Jacob Nordby & Lauren Sapala describe the community – and invite you to join us.

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Become the writer YOU were always meant to be

Write the Story That’s Calling to You

Whether you’ve always dreamed of writing your memoir, or you have a novel inside you waiting to be born, the Heal + Create Writer’s Community will help you begin to nurture that creative seed.

Whether you’re drawn to short stories, poetry, songwriting, or cultivating a regular journaling practice, all forms of writers and writing are welcome in the Heal + Create Writer’s Community.

* Special focus on highly-sensitive, empathic, and introverted writers.

What Our Clients are Saying

What's Included in the Heal + Create Writer's Community Program?

Group Workshops

Two monthly 90-minute online workshops with Jacob and Lauren – highly experiential and interactive. Replays provided for all workshops so you won't miss a thing.

Silent writing sessions

Monthly online silent writing group session that will help you focus and ... do the work.

Expert Guest Teachers

Once per quarter, you will have a special experience with experts in publishing, editing, PR, and the various writing styles – inspiring and designed to help you develop your writing skills and career ... at your speed

Writing prompts

Weekly writing prompts to your email to keep you inspired and moving forward

private community

Connect with each other and your mentors in a dedicated private community on this site! Plus access all of your courses, forum, and replays in one place.
* Coming soon: mobile app for iPhone and Android

Heal + Create Benefits

Enjoy discounts on online courses on writing and creative development, Heal + Create virtual retreats and events, and in-person events ... PLUS Heal + Create is a full-featured community in development – you get access to all of the general benefits as they are added!

+ Enjoy These Added Writer's Community Member Bonuses

Let's Get Started!

Introductory Membership Pricing

Monthly Member

$ 69 Per month
  • Group Workshops
  • Silent writing sessions
  • Expert Guest Teachers
  • Private Community
  • Heal + Create Benefits
  • No long-term contract

Annual Member

$ 767 Paid Annually
  • All Monthly Member benefits
  • $61 Membership Savings
Best Value

This community is in its 1st year! Join now and enjoy the lowest membership pricing as it is currently set to 40% off the full price.

Won't it feel amazing to know that you're involved in a group that's dedicated to help you finally make your writing dreams come true?


Your registration includes full access to the Heal + Create membership community. Within this community platform you will have access to the monthly workshops, replays, any of your courses, and the private writers’ group. Your membership includes full access to the general Heal + Create community and monthly content, which will come online soon.

You’ll immediately receive a payment confirmation and an email to the Heal + Create Writers’ Community program. You’ll be emailed instructions with Zoom links for the Kickoff Retreat and more info for using your membership. 

Any kind! Writers of all stripes and all skill levels (even total beginners) are welcome. If you feel that you would be helped with consistent support, learning opportunities, a loving community, and experiential programs, this is a good home for you.

You can participate as much, or as little, as feels comfortable to you. Writers are welcome to leave their cameras off during workshops and silent writing sessions, and everyone will be on mute during silent writing sessions except for Jacob and Lauren. So, you can remain relatively anonymous and still join in from the comfort of your own home.

The Writers’ Community platform and private group make it easy to stay connected from wherever you are and when you can participate!

Each live session will be recorded and all active members get access to the full video replays. The exception is the Silent Writing groups, which are regular meetings are not recorded. 

We welcome our friends from all time zones and regions of the world and will seek to offer ways for you to connect as often as possible!

Almost any smartphone, PC, or tablet will work. The membership workshops and online sessions are delivered via Zoom. Video replays will be provided via our membership portal and can be viewed on any computer or mobile device.

All workshops will be recorded and made available for streaming within 48 hours. You will have access to the recordings as long as you maintain your membership.

Silent writing sessions will not be recorded, but they will happen regularly – and you don’t need to pre-register – so you can easily catch the next one on the schedule.

We seek to create a cohesive community with sharing, connection, and support. This means that we ask you to join with the intention of being a regular part of our group. However, you can cancel your membership at any time. 

  • See the FAQ regarding refunds

We understand that, in some rare cases, program participants may have been confused about the details or terms of the program, or subsequently realize that they won’t be able to commit to participating in the program based on conflicts with scheduling, or other sudden unexpected life events. In these rare cases, we are able to issue a prorated, or partial refund, based on the length of time the participant has been a member of the Heal + Create Writer’s Community.

However, we also have the experience of many years of teaching various types of students and we know that it is quite common to enter into deeply transformative work, and then want to quit when the work begins to actually start changing your life. This is so common because most people tend to go into resistance when faced with letting go of their old fear patterns and moving into something new.

The more people we have who are 100% committed to being present in the Heal + Create Writer’s Community, and to showing up and doing the work, the better the community will be for everyone involved. We believe that each person’s investment in the program reflects their level of commitment. For that reason, we ask that program participants only request refunds if the request is made from a place of true necessity or emergency. 

Please use the Contact form on this page and send us any questions you have! We will respond ASAP.

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Meet the Writer's Community Team

Jacob Nordby

Jacob Nordby is the author of The Divine Arsonist – A Tale of Awakening, Blessed Are the Weird – A Manifesto for Creatives, and The Creative Cure: How Finding and Freeing Your Inner Artist Can Heal Your Life. He worked in traditional publishing for almost a decade and owns an indie publishing house, Manifesto Publishing.

He is also the co-founder of The Institute for Creative Living and the Heal + Create community.

Find him at 

Lauren Sapala

Lauren is a writer, writing coach, and an INFJ. She also wrote The INFJ WriterFirefly Magic, and The INFJ Revolution, books for intuitive introverts, HSPs, empaths, and all other sensitive, struggling artists. She founded the popular Write City groups and has created numerous live intensive workshop series and online video courses.

Find her at