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The Seven Energy Influencers with Julie Sea

The Seven Energy Influencers with Julie Sea


Well, aspects of your past, distant and recent or other influences could be at play in your PRESENT life!

I’d love to invite you to join me for this « Energy » Field Trip and discover more about :

  • Soul Contracts
  • Sacred Vows
  • Ancestral Lineage
  • Past Lives Trauma
  • Limiting Crystallized POV
  • Lower Frequency Energies
  • Higher Frequency Energies

In this interactive session, we’ll explore these 7 elements so you can experience more ease navigating your Earth journey…

To end our voyage on a celebratory note, and if you’d like to receive an «Energy Uplift», I’ll be happy to offer a BioField Tuning group clearing to help remove what is no longer serving us!

What else is possible that we haven’t considered yet?

Aurevoir for now,

Julie ✨

P.S.: I don’t really like writing a traditional bio as I prefer to let people know that I’m like everyone else, Soul/Spirit in a human vehicle. 

I did experience a lot of amazing adventures for more than a half of a century already, as well as a lot of not so freakin’ fun ones!

I am a weird and proud mom of 2 gifted neurodivergent Beings whom I viscerally A.D.O.R.E.

I made peace with the existence of contrasts which I always embrace with my energy medicine toolkit.

One of my sources of joy is to share with other humanoids, strategies for alignment with who we really are…

Oh. I forgot to mention that I’m from French Canada.

Pisces Sun

Scorpio Moon

Sagittarius Rising

Can’t wait to meet you!

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Date & Time

Sunday May 5, 2024

2:00 pm
(Central Time Zone)

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