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Learn from established indie authors how to 
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This full-day workshop is focused on …

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Comprehensive resources
  • Nuts-and-bolts details
  • Market tested strategies

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Won't it feel amazing to know that you're on track and moving toward your dream of publishing your book & sharing it with the world?


You need to write and write and polish your book until it's "good enough" for an agent or publisher to take notice. Once you get signed, your troubles are over and you can start shopping for that beach house on a quiet island while your royalty checks roll in.


Indie publishing is only for people with stacks of money to pay for editors, cover designers, marketing experts, publicists, printers, private chefs, and makeup artists.


Indie publishing is a much less legitimate path to getting published and anyone with talent and self-respect should wait to be worthy of a "real" publishing deal. 

Indie publishing isn't for real authors.


The publishing world has been turned upside down by the Internet.

Traditional publishers no longer hold the same power to lift you to fame and a prosperous writing career. 

  • TIP: If you’re not already famous or didn’t just get involved in a political scandal, most publishers probably won’t help you much.

You can self-publish your books without much technical skill and on a shoestring budget – both of your workshop teachers have done exactly that and will show you how!

You don’t need to be a great salesperson or marketing expert to grow your audience and share your work. 

During this information-rich full-day workshop, you will learn how to end the eternal waiting and get your real writing career in gear now.

This workshop will save you years of frustration and tons of cash you don't need to spend on flashy scams that promise new authors the world but deliver little.


WHEN: Saturday, February 11

WHERE: Worldwide via Zoom  – join from wherever you are!

TIMES: 9 am Pacific US – 4 pm Pacific US. We will have four 90-minute sessions during the workshop day, with time between for breaks. See below for full schedule.

REPLAYS: Full video replays provided and you can access them for up to 12 months after this workshop has ended.

Learn From Working Indie Writers

Each of your teachers is an active author with years of experience in all facets of self-publishing – from idea to draft and finished manuscript, book design and title crafting, marketing and platform building. 

Each session is worth the entire price of admission as you will gain insights that can save you years of frustration and thousands of dollars wasted on programs that take advantage of new authors without delivering the value they need. Let these experienced writers show you how – specifically and in detail.

Jacob Nordby

Author of The Divine Arsonist (indie), Blessed Are the Weird (indie), The Creative Cure (traditional), and co-author or contributing author in several other books, Jacob developed a deep love for fellow creatives and founded the Heal + Create community platform to invite everyone into the experience of healing and creating the lives they are meant to live.

Jacob will teach from his experience as a self- and traditionally-published author – and from his years of work as Marketing Director for a traditional publisher.

Lauren Sapala

Lauren Sapala is an author, teacher, speaker, coach, and an INFJ. She is the author of The INFJ Writer (a writing guide for writers of the INFJ and INFP personality type), The INFJ Revolution, and Firefly Magic: Heart Powered Marketing for Highly Sensitive Writers, as well as two autobiographical novels. Lauren began working with struggling writers in 2009 when she founded the WriteCity writing group in Seattle, and then expanded the program to San Francisco in 2010. She currently teaches the Intuitive Writing method through online classes, workshops, and video courses. 

Craig A. Hart

Craig A. Hart is a writer of thrillers. In a past life, he was also the director for Northern Illinois Radio Information Service, a broadcast outreach that brought daily news and information to the visually impaired.

A native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Craig lives in Iowa City, Iowa with his wife, sons, an insane dog, and an anti-social cat.

Craig is the author or co-author and publisher of over 29 indie books … so far.

Paul S. Boynton

Paul S. Boynton is the author of several books, including Amazon bestsellers “Begin with Yes” and “Be Amazing.” His “Begin with Yes” Facebook page includes well over two million friends from around the world, and the community continues to evolve and grow as the engagement deepens. His newest indie release, Remember – A Little Book of Courage, Comfort, and Hope released in November 2022 and has reached immediate bestseller status in several categories. 

Get started on your publishing adventure now.

Stop waiting for that magical someday
when an agent or publisher signs you…

Workshop Sessions Schedule

Manuscript & Cover Design

Meet professional cover and manuscript designers who will explain how they make your book look professional for hard copy books and e-books! Your book can stand proudly on the shelf next to those released by the big guys.

Choose the Right Editor

A great editor can make all the difference between a rough draft and a polished final version of your book. Learn the different types of editing and how to find the best editor for your book projects.

Build Your Author Platform

Modern day authors are expected to particpate in the marketing of their books, regardless of whether they're traditionally published or indie. Many writers dread this, but we'll show you how even introverts can thrive and grow their influence!

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Do you ever find yourself saying or thinking, “I’m just not that creative”?

In a recent World Economic Forum study, creativity has risen to #3 on the “Top Skills Needed For Career Survival” list – which means that this ability is no longer optional or only to be developed by artists, musicians, writers, or those in the “genius inventor” innovator class.

  • Take the course and you will:
    Use the Creative Cure Personal Assessment to gain clarity about what areas of your life are begging for creative restoration.
  • Discover your values and how to begin realigning your life with what matters most.
  • Learn about the powerful “Green Zone” in your nervous system and how to get there every day to experience anxiety relief, foster creative ideas, enjoy natural healing, and enhance your ability to connect – and create.
  • Grow your understanding of left- and right-brain function, plus how to access brain wave states that cultivate deep learning and rewiring of limiting beliefs.
  • Develop a regular creative practice in just minutes per day that will bring you greater peace, energy, focus, and enhance your “Creator Mindset” so that you feel empowered to craft a life that matters to you.
  • Learn to use creative tension vs. harmful stress as fuel.

Get immediate access to this full video course when you register – $149 value

Lauren Sapala coached Highly Sensitive Writers for years before she discovered one of the biggest obstacles holding them back in their writing careers: a rock-solid resistance to marketing. Regardless of the wealth of book marketing tools and resources available to writers and artists today, most highly creative people still feel suspicious, confused, or just plain turned off by marketing and sales. The hidden reason behind this resistance is a deeply rooted fear that marketing always results in a loss of integrity for the writer.

Almost all highly creative people are also Highly Sensitive People, many of which are INFJ or INFP personality types. These Highly Sensitive Writers feel any possible threat to their integrity intensely. The fear they feel around marketing for writers takes root in limiting beliefs that shut them down before they even begin. Lauren Sapala shares stories and strategies to help Highly Sensitive Writers shift their mindset and open up to new ways to promote their work. She helps all writers realize that—due to their Highly Sensitive nature—they might just make the best salespeople of all.

Get the full PDF download as soon as you register. $14.99 on Amazon!

One thing every writer wants is the opportunity to improve their craft, to hone their skills, and create the most dazzling prose possible. 

The Writer’s Tune-up Manual is just what you need. Maybe you’ve been away from the game for a while, struggle with a certain aspect of writing, or perhaps you just want to put your skills up on the rack and give them a good tuning.

Filled with 35 targeted exercises and inspirational quotes from established writers, The Writer’s Tune-up Manual will help you do all these things by expanding your writing savvy in five specific areas: Character Development, Dialogue, Point of View, Description and Setting, and Plot. The exercises in The Writer’s Tune-up Manual are more than just writing prompts; you can find those anywhere. No, The Manual gives you a real opportunity to flex your literary muscles by laying out detailed, often difficult assignments.

Nobody said that becoming the best writer you can would be easy, so roll up your sleeves, flex your fingers, and get ready to take your writing to a whole new level!

Get the full PDF download as soon as you register. $7.99 on Amazon!

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