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The Intuitive Writing method is a practice developed specifically for intuitive writers, based on the instructor’s years of experience working one-on-one with hundreds of INFJ and INFP writers as a coach, and teaching groups of INFJ and INFP writers in online classes. The method is comprised of six key steps that lead to a real, sustainable Intuitive Writing practice.

Intuitive writers usually experience very high levels of shame and self-judgment around their troubles with writing. It can almost feel like a “dirty secret” that they can’t share with anyone else. They often have difficulty even verbalizing what the problem actually is.

Intuitive writers usually have no idea that the problem is not them. They are not doing anything wrong and they are NOT a failure as a writer. The problem is that they have been using rational writing methods, which account for 99% of the writing methods found online and in academia today. It will not help to “try harder” using these methods which will never work for the intuitive writer.

The solution is to use the Intuitive Writing method.


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An alternative writing method for writers who have chronic problems with writing


Intuitive Writing is a writing method designed for writers who:

  • Struggle to outline stories
  • Can’t finish stories
  • Start projects with enthusiasm but then hit a brick wall and give up
  • Suffer from severe self-doubt as a writer
  • Have a lot of fear around writing and worry they will not write their book before they die


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